Dazey LA

Now a days it’s really hard to find a brand that really represents you as a person and has good values. Luckily for me, I have found this brand and it’s called Dazey LA. I am a brand ambassador for this brand and have been for a few months. This is not a sponsored thing at all but something anyone can sign up for! I truly believe in what this brand stands for and love the style of their clothing.  Continue reading

Vanity Fair Lady

Imagine a rainy Sunday where you’re strolling around a garden, drinking coffee, and taking pictures that look like they belong in Vanity Fair (my roommate’s description of these pictures when I showed her) while wearing a vintage sixties dress. Not all of these things occurred at the same time but they all did happen this past Sunday. I first went to a quaint little brunch place by the name of 8arm. I had a latte with what I have to say was the best avocado toast my taste buds had ever encountered. Continue reading