Fashion or Fad?

Things come in and out of fashion all the time. I think that’s part of what makes dressing up so fun. There is always the unspoken thought of what is going to come into style next. Sometimes the things that are on trend can be questionable as to why they are stylish but, there is a big difference in what is considered fashion and what is a fad. Fashion is defined online as, “a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior”. Where fad is defined as, “an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze”. So in layman’s terms fashion is something that is popular for a long period of time and a fad is something that is more short lived. So I have taken it upon myself to curate a list of what I think are this falls fads and fashions.

Cowrie Accessories / Fad

The first item that I have seen on multiple bloggers and all over Instagram are the cowrie accessories. This is crazy to me that at the end of summer shells are trending. I can remember wearing these in middle school and thinking to myself, “Why did I ever disgrace my body that way”, but here I am wearing them again. You know what they say, everything comes back. I have seen them on about every type of accessory from chokers to necklaces to anklets, bracelets, and earrings. I first saw them on Chiara Ferragni and I should have known if I saw it on her it was 100% going to be on trend. Surprisingly these accessories match really well with everything from things like blazers to just a simple blouse. As cute as I think this is, I believe the cowrie shells are a fad. They are really popular right now and will be for a month or two but won’t be here for the long run. I just don’t see people styling these with chunky sweaters or boots for the winter. So if you’re a souvenir shop owner in Florida right now you are in the right market.

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Platform Doc Martens / Fashion

If any of you know me personally you know I have a Doc Martens addiction. I already have five pairs and am wanting to get my sixth. I think Doc Martens in general are the ultimate shoe and never go out of fashion. Not everyone feels this way, but it seems they are starting to now with the platform Doc Martens. Herman Munster would be shaking in his boots. These platform Docs started being trendy at the beginning of the summer with multiple influencers wearing them to Coachella. Although this started during the summer it carries on into the fall because what is better than some boots and a chunky sweater? These boots come in four different colors, classical black, white, red, and a some with a green tint. So it goes to say the platform Doc Martens are considered fashion and here to stay.
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Sunglasses Chain / Fad

Normally when you think of a chain that hangs off of a pair of glasses, pictures of a sweet little grandma or a librarian come to mind, but not anymore. Chains in general seem to be trendy this season, even when it comes to your eyes. I think this is a really unique accessory and adds a little extra something to an outfit and a picture. I mean if I saw someone wearing one I would think, “Wow, who is she? She must have a lot of confidence to be wearing that.”. Chains in general have an edge to them so this trend definitely does as well. I don’t think this trend will go super mainstream among the public and will end up being tested by those who like to take risks. Ultimately I think this will be a short lived fad, but I’m all eyes for it.
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Bike Shorts / Fashion

Bike shorts are not just for exercise anymore which was first proven to us by the Kardashians. They are now for wearing out on the town with dad sneakers or heels. This has been trendy for a while, but it looks like it’s not going away. Before they seemed to only be worn with more casual pieces like oversized denim jackets but now I see them more dressed up with blazers and things of that nature. This is one of my favorite trends because of how comfortable it is to wear unlike most fashionable clothing. Bike shorts also come in multiple patterns or as sets which is really getting more for your money. Just from how long bike shorts have already been around and how they continue to evolve, I consider them to be fashion and not just a fad.

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Bucket Hats / Fad

Who would have thought that we would have moved past the wide brimmed fedoras phase into the bucket hat phase? As shocking as it is, we have. The name of this accessory sure is funny sounding but, boy are they cute on and they add an extra something to an outfit. If you’re wearing one of these you’re sure to get some looks. The most popular brand producing the bucket hats seems to be Kangol. They come in all sorts of patterns and textures as well. As cute as I think they are, I don’t see the every day person daring to wear one, thus making it a fad.

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Animal Print/ Fashion

Certain patterns are classic like stripes, gingham, polka dots and animal prints. Although they are classic some tend to be more hot than others at certain points in time. Right now the hot prints are animal prints, more specifically cheetah and snake skin. I have seen both of these religiously on people all over social media. The most popular thing to see these prints on are pants as well. I am all for this trend, I mean who doesn’t want to be a cheetah girl? Not only that, but cheetah print goes with any kind of top so you’ll be able to wear your pants 24/7.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
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Bedazzled Things/ Fad

Never in a million years could you have told me that bedazzled things would be trendy past 5th grade, but here we are this fall wearing bedazzled things. This isn’t so much on clothing, but in statement earrings, on shoes, and on belts. Perhaps this trend was inspired by the Gucci shoes from last season. Whatever it was inspired by, I’m here for the sparkle and shine. So may all your princess fantasies come true with this fad.
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Chain Belts / Fashion

Do your chain hang low has never been more relevant than now. Chain belts are major in a big way. I have seen one of these on every big influencer and I get why. It is just such a dainty detail to add that extra oomf to an outfit. They come in a lot of different styles, but I have to say my favorite is the classic Chanel one. I can see this trend developing into more than just the classic gold and silver it currently is made in, which is why this is more fashion than a fad. I can’t wait to see how fashion companies mold the chain belt to their own aesthetic.


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Cropped Polo Shirts / Fashion 

The 90’s are alive and well with this trend. This one is fairly new and hasn’t quite caught on yet, but I really think it is going to this fall. I always thought polos were kind of ugly or reminiscent of school or work uniforms but it just goes to show that by cropping something it can be made cute. These cropped polos can also come in short or long sleeves giving the versatility of wearing them when it’s still hot outside or getting cooler. You don’t have to break the bank to follow this trend either. There is always the option of raiding your dad’s closet or to go to Goodwill to get a polo and cutting it off yourself. To get a better idea of what the shirt will look like if you decide to cut it off yourself, I will link a Youtube video by Alex Centemo in her cut off polo below! I think this trend is considered fashionable than a fad and going to continue and develop over the next few seasons.
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Dad Sneakers/ Fashion 

We just can’t seem to run away from this ugly, but cute fashion trend. The craze for a daddy and a dad shoe seems to sticking around. These chunky beat down looking shoes come in many shapes and sizes. Not only that but can be styled with almost anything, from a dress to a track suit, the possibilities are really endless. This has been a trend for at least a year that I will once again accredit to the Yeezy line and the Kardashians for popularizing. This trend has really taken off on its own since then though. Every major shoe company has customized the dad style to fit their own brand. Some of those brands being Fila, Reebok, and even Balenciaga. So if you want to step into a major fashion for this fall pick yourself up a pair of dad shoes.


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3 thoughts on “Fashion or Fad?

  1. Love the sunglasses chain! Much better than sticking them on your head and ruining your hairstyle or dropping them every time you bend over! Also love the platform doc martens! Great outfits on your blog!


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