Vanity Fair Lady

Imagine a rainy Sunday where you’re strolling around a garden, drinking coffee, and taking pictures that look like they belong in Vanity Fair (my roommate’s description of these pictures when I showed her) while wearing a vintage sixties dress. Not all of these things occurred at the same time but they all did happen this past Sunday. I first went to a quaint little brunch place by the name of 8arm. I had a latte with what I have to say was the best avocado toast my taste buds had ever encountered.

Soon after I moseyed on down to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. If you’ve never been there before it’s something to consider if you’re in the Atlanta area. This is a place to go on a stroll with a loved one, have a photoshoot, or dance in the rain. I did all off the above. Although a considerable amount of the installations were not in bloom yet or finished it was still a dreamy experience and I still was able to take some beautiful photos. Something about being in a place with just a few people there along with the rain made me feel like the world was mine. As mentioned before I wore a thrifted mustard yellow and white checkered sixties mod dress that has a rounded collar. The dress is from one of my favorite thrift shops Atomic Athens, located in Athens, GA. This dress is so vintage Lana Del Rey would be jealous. I paired this dress with some white poof earrings that a close friend of mine made for me. Along with these earrings and dress I wore some white patented leather Steve Madden “go go” boots. It’s like these boots were made for walkin’ and to go with my dress. All the things I wore from the sixties mod revival dress to the poof earrings down to the white boots are all very trendy at the moment. I will link the shoes and some similar earrings below. I hope that everyone enjoys my first post and the pictures. There will be more to come! 

Side note who says “moseyed down” anymore and please leave comments below if you liked the post!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetIMG_3393_Facetune_22-04-2018-19-31-41IMG_3395_Facetune_22-04-2018-19-34-38-1IMG_3397_Facetune_22-04-2018-19-37-52-1


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

IMG_3385_Facetune_22-04-2018-19-06-42-1IMG_3382_Facetune_22-04-2018-19-01-53-1Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


Similar White Boots

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