Cotton Candy Dreams

For today’s blog post I’m keeping it simple with a little outfit of the day. I saw this sweater online and immediately knew it fulfilled all of my cotton candy dreams. I’m just obsessed with the baby blue and pink combo, especially during the fall when people tend to stray away from colors like this. I mean, pastels for fall? Groundbreaking. I’ve also been wanting a sweater with a twist back detail which makes this top more than just your typical sweater. I feel as if the twist back detail gives this sweater the versatility of going from casual wear to going out wear.

This sweater, or any sweater with this little detail, can easily be worn in many different ways. Here I styled it with some high waisted pleather paper bag shorts from Fab’rik and some booties. Pairing a sweater with shorts is a great way to transition from the warm to cooler seasons. To make this outfit “going out ready”, I wore some over the knee boots, not pictured here. A more casual way to style it though would be to wear it with some blue or black jeans and then to add your comfiest booties.

As mentioned before I’m wearing some high waisted pleather paper bag shorts from Fab’rik. I have been eyeing these shorts ever since they went online as well. They are the perfect shorts to go with anything and add a little extra oomf to an outfit. These shorts are good for pretty much the spring, summer, fall, and maybe the winter, depending where in the world you are. Just by adding the most simple v-neck with them creates a cute outfit to go out in or to run errands in. These will for sure be a part of my capsule closet.

I really love how simple yet statement making this outfit is and hope it inspires someone else to try this out. Everything I’m wearing I will link below.





Twist Back Sweater/Pleather Paper Bag Waist Shorts/Booties/Heart Cat Eye Sunglasses

Fashion or Fad?

Things come in and out of fashion all the time. I think that’s part of what makes dressing up so fun. There is always the unspoken thought of what is going to come into style next. Sometimes the things that are on trend can be questionable as to why they are stylish but, there is a big difference in what is considered fashion and what is a fad. Continue reading

Top Fifteen Instagram Accounts to Follow

As many of you know I am heavily into social media and content creating. I mean who isn’t now a days? I put a lot of thought and effort into my pictures for Instagram and my blog. You can ask any of my friends, I embarrass myself on the daily trying to get the perfect insta worthy shot. This being said I take a lot of inspiration from other bloggers and photographers on Instagram. Continue reading

Chicago:Bean there Done That

Have you ever been to a place and felt like you had been there your whole life? This is the feeling that Chicago gave me. I immediately felt like I belonged there and was a part of the hustle and bustle. You would think growing up in a semi-small town in the south I would be resistant to big cites in general but quite the opposite, I welcome them with open arms. I was fortunate enough to go with my dad on a business trip there and got to explore the city for three days. So here are my personal experiences from Chi-town and a travel guide in case you plan on going at one point or another!  Continue reading

Dazey LA

Now a days it’s really hard to find a brand that really represents you as a person and has good values. Luckily for me, I have found this brand and it’s called Dazey LA. I am a brand ambassador for this brand and have been for a few months. This is not a sponsored thing at all but something anyone can sign up for! I truly believe in what this brand stands for and love the style of their clothing.  Continue reading

Vanity Fair Lady

Imagine a rainy Sunday where you’re strolling around a garden, drinking coffee, and taking pictures that look like they belong in Vanity Fair (my roommate’s description of these pictures when I showed her) while wearing a vintage sixties dress. Not all of these things occurred at the same time but they all did happen this past Sunday. I first went to a quaint little brunch place by the name of 8arm. I had a latte with what I have to say was the best avocado toast my taste buds had ever encountered. Continue reading